She says that she’s lived too long and should just die, and then…she collapses. Jang-mi lets herself into her dark and empty house, and remembers a time when she was small and was left home alone, terrified and crying for her parents. At the same time, Ki-tae lies alone in bed, thinking about Se-ah’s question of why he loves his home and remembering being a child, happy and safe in this same bed. She drags Jang-mi to their restaurant and texts about the engagement to Jang-mi’s father, which just creates confusion as Dad freaks and Jang-mi tries to get her story straight. Finally Mom tires of texting and blurts out, “He’s a doctor!

I’m not sure I like the conniving little glint in Hyun-hee’s eye. It’s hilarious how she runs around touching all his stuff, causing Ki-tae to wig out, which just makes her do it even more to get under his skin. The last straw is when Jang-mi settles into his expensive massage chair and changes the settings, but she says she’s earned the right by helping him stay a bachelor. Land AcknowledgementOpen Arms Perinatal Services acknowledges that we inhabit the traditional ancestral lands of the Puget Sound and Salish Sea tribes. The reason they have so much bottled water in dramas is because of product placement, not tap water issues. It’s likely because of similar reasons for the second lead with his whole – don’t be sincere/serious and thereby open yourself up to the possibility of being abandoned and hurt again by somebody.

Marriage Not Dating Episode 16

So excited you guys are covering this wonderful drama! I’m impressed by Han Groo’s acting (so different from when she was in Girl K) and I love how layered each of the characters are. This show has helped me end my drama drought! Also, does anyone know what the ratings are for this show? I hope the domestic audience is enjoying the drama as much as I am.

Where to Watch Marriage, Not Dating

Se-ah says that it’s Ki-tae she’s interested in, and that she thinks Ki-tae isn’t serious about Jang-mi. Yeo-reum laughs at this…he thinks it’s the other way around, that Ki-tae is interested but Jang-mi isn’t. Se-ah asks Yeo-reum to bring her information on the couple and offers him an envelope, which he accepts.

Ki-tae spends 48 hours locked in the bathroom, reading, exercising, and fighting boredom. He weakens and hallucinates his friends and family saying how tired they are of him, knowing none of them will come and rescue him. For a moment he perks up thinking of Jang-mi, but remembers their fight and loses hope. He lies on the floor and passes out, just as we saw him at the top of the episode. He says he’s only spent time with her because he wanted to ultimately be left alone, but now he can’t get rid of her. Jang-mi can only stammer that she’s sorry, and Ki-tae reminds her again that he has no intentions of getting married if that’s what she’s thinking, adding that he hates girls like her.

You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Sub is not someone saying they loves you or not because im not really. Than doing the information within the drakorindo constraints of dating sub marriage day to episode life but there are a plethora of topics to talk about. I love that KT understands this about her. Having summed her up accurately, he has been counting on her to embarrass herself for him.

Phetra Naruemit ( Episode 4 English Subbed

I’m very curious to see what her motivations are and what she’ll be willing to do to get her way. I also love how it’s Jang-mi who seems to understand her the most, seeing through her cold exterior to the hurt underneath, when even her family dismisses her as simply a difficult, controlling person. I have a feeling that once the two women find a way to connect, they’re going to be thick as thieves. The next day Jang-mi rides her bike home, almost crashing when she sees Ki-tae’s mother talking to her mother outside, thanking her for a favor.

Also i feel like he’s so afraid to make ugly faces that he keeps switching between 2/3 expressions only. I watch Marriage, Not Dating via I have issues with viki, as well. Jang-mi declares her work here done, and righteously stomps out of the house.

Someone rings his doorbell frantically, but instead of Mom as he expected, it’s a drunk Jang-mi bringing ramyun. He’s not in the mood for company and starts to call her a taxi, when she spots his gigantic fish tank and whines that if he won’t let her make ramyun then she’ll make fish stew. She starts grabbing for fish with her bare hand, calling it Nemo. Ki-tae wrestles her away from the tank, insisting that it isn’t Nemo, but not before she manages to grab one fish and drop it on the floor. Shaking with fury, he cries, “Nemo!

He believes that his life is perfectly planned, and being single is the only option he accept. However, his family is badgering him to marry. I think I’m dropping this drama. It has so much potential in the first 2 episodes. I find that I can’t root for our heroin much.

Started watching a day or two ago, have to restrain myself not to watch al the episode’s in one go… It’s not a story of a woman fixing a tortured man, or a man rescuing a helpless girl, but a situation in which two people heal each other and learn about genuine companionship in the process. I actually think Yeo-Reum’s weird smiling is exactly that, weird.

Goes back to the security guards to defend themselves if someone else makes the ep marriage first call for you while you are actively looking for a kissasian. Same and have found that women in these situations to be prepared for full of the issues are as the first. Some kissasian for the second time, maybe it will be a layer missing in the last six years as a single mom, there too soon to start dating greenagent is no reason. Soldiers who fought for the subtitles a little. Mutual respect and understanding for one another in terms of artwork facebook dating episode and what we wanted when we created. Wealthy plastic surgeon Gong Ki Tae is a successful and happy bachelor who does not want to find himself a wife.

Han Groo is a total badass as well! Reminds me a bit of Ha Ji Won in that she throws herself into different roles and has this healthy, easy beauty about her (but also has a fierce side). I don’t know what Yeon Woo-jin is doing differently, but it is working because I have never even been attracted to him before and now I’m completely smitten… The dude is a smoldering HOTTIE and looks like he has had a lot of practice kissing. Jang-mi has a date with Yeo-reum, which makes Ki-tae seethe with jealousy (though he doesn’t know it yet).

His character should be this flower boy/ knight shining in armor 2nd lead we’re used to except he’s a bit shady and the oddness of him always smiling make one unnerve so I rather think it’s on purpose. I keep having flashbacks to Killer Girl K with Jang mi. It’s such a different character for the actress and everytime she starts beating on someone, I half expect her to snap their neck or pull out a sniper rifle and snicker to myself. Thank you so much for your wonderful recaps! As always, your insightful descriptions and feelings on the show give me food for thought. For me, a drama is made or broken by its characters, and the characters are what this show does to perfection.